5 Flirting Tips To Get More Numbers

Do not just go with the most comfortable look

5 Flirting Tips To Get More Numbers

Flirting is an art and not everyone is an artist, but the trade can be learned if you really want to get good at it.

The problem with the flirting process is that when people get nervous they tend to forget the things that can work and regress to the things that never worked.

If you feel that your techniques are not working then here are the things to keep in mind.

Eye Contact
Eye contact is very important because your eyes tell people that you are interested. It has been said that they are the windows to the soul and they are one of the most important things that you can use in your favor when you flirt and that is why eye contact is number one in the list of flirting tips

You have to get it right because too little makes you seem not confident and too much can be creepy.

You have your eyes and you have your smile. The combination can make you unstoppable. Smiles are confident and confidence is attractive. Smile, if you have issues with it, then make a conscious effort to do so. Make sure that you brush your teeth and show your pearly whites in her general direction.

Once you have started a conversation with someone you want to flirt with it is time to get closer. You do that by accidentally brushing against her arm, the small in her back, her hand, her hair etc. Do not just start touching all over the place, just brushing a bit is all that you need.

Practice Talking
What you say is very important so you should also work on the way you talk. Try to get rid of little things that you do when you talk such as saying “um” or “like”.

Those things make you sound like someone that is not confident. One of the things you can do is to tape yourself talking to someone else so that you know what you sound like and work on what you do not like.

Your Look
You need to look your best because if you look as if you do not take care of yourself even your best smile can look creepy. Buy your clothes and wear them thinking that you may just meet someone every day. Do not just go with the most comfortable look unless you are most comfortable in the clothes that make you look your best.

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