What Makes a Guy’s Heart Bang with Attraction

What Makes a Guy's Heart Bang with Attraction

What Makes a Guy’s Heart Bang with Attraction

From a man’s point of view: All this time you have been reading advice columns in magazines from a woman’s point of view. You have been misleading. 

In fact, you have only been getting HALF the information you need to attract a man and make him feel ‘spontaneous desire’ for you.

The kind of all-consuming desire that will leave even the most distant guy overwhelmed with an insatiable urge to comfort, please, and pleasure you. 

This works on even the most difficult man: The SILENT way he shows that he’s in LOVE

Because I have, to be honest, a lot of attraction advice you read in magazines and advice columns is based on a WOMAN’S view of how attraction works. When a guy falls in love with you, he’s not going to tell you to your face.

He’s not going to tell his friends either. In fact, they way he falls in love is completely different to what you experience. So how do you know a man likes you, wants to date you, or is falling in love with you? You need a guy’s perspective.

Check out what he’s REALLY thinking when he falls in love on this link.

A woman is never going to give you an accurate and effective opinion because she experiences something different when she falls in love. She wants to talk about her feelings.

She wants to tell all her friends. She starts to cautiously hope and wonder about her future with him.

I have to tell you, a man doesn’t do that! And that’s what makes this system different to everything else you have seen. It’s created and developed by a MAN, talking about what men feel and think, what makes him fall in love, and what makes him choose one woman over all the others.

Until you learn this from a man’s point of view, you are never going to understand men or make them fall in love with you!

My friend is going to show you, in this short video, exactly what he thinks and feels inside his mind when he sees a woman he likes, and what makes him commit to her forever.

I have to warn you… this invokes a man’s passion and desire in a way you have never seen before. It’s like passion and seduction on steroids, which is why I highly encourage you to watch this short tutorial now, while you have time.

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