Secret To A Fulfilling Relationship With A Man

Honestly, men won't like being used as just a crutch

Secret To A Fulfilling Relationship With A Man

Want to know the REAL secrets to long-lasting attraction? Are you yearning to discover what truly makes a man stay for the long haul? If you’re ready to empower yourself with the valuable knowledge you’ll need to unleash your inner goddess, then take a look at this Seduction Genie!

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Do You Want To Be Absolutely Confident When It Comes To Flirting With Men?

Seduction Genie

Seduction Genie

When you see an attractive woman work her natural charm, there are other less obvious aspects of her personality that are often overlooked by those who want to be like her.

Many will think, “Oh, it isn’t hard to imagine why she gets all the guys – she takes care of herself AND is pleasant to have around!”

Others will conclude, “There’s no mystery behind her success with men… she marches to her own beat and her self-confidence is out of this world!” If you thought along those lines, then I’d say that you couldn’t be more right about it.

Indeed, men helplessly gravitate towards girls who are savvy about a great number of things. Being on top of your health, looks and overall life management will make for an explosive combination! 

BUT did you know that there’s something else about a truly attractive woman that allows her to enjoy a deeply satisfying relationship with her quality man? 

Beneath all those other must-have qualities lies a certain state of mind which drives her to achieve the kind of relationship that others are envious of.

The reason that many women are genuinely happy is because of their MOTIVATION for being with a man in the first place. You may have what it takes to catch a man and get him to stay, but do your reasons for being in a relationship make you a better person?

You see, you can possess all the desirable traits that men seek in a woman, but you’ll eventually feel empty if the driving force of your romantic pursuits is built on shaky foundations.

You can be dating the dreamiest specimen of a man out there, but that’s not a guarantee for true happiness.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t develop the necessary principles to be attractive in a guy’s eyes (such as independence, self-confidence, empathy, a positive outlook).

All I’m saying is that you also have to evaluate the way you view relationships in general.

Here’s a little Eye-Opener: 

  • Ask yourself WHY you seek a man to have a relationship with.
  • What are YOUR reasons for learning how to be more attractive to men?
  • What is the true purpose for wanting to attract guys?
  • Will your motivations lead to happiness and fulfillment, or loneliness and despair?

Take a moment to ponder over these things. It may seem that attracting men have little to do with your reasons for doing so, but to disregard the questions above is to also disregard your long-term happiness. 

After all, what’s the point of pursuing a relationship if the end result isn’t going to make you a better person?

The Wrong Reasons For Seeking A Relationship

With that in mind, I’d like you to take a look at some of the wrong reasons for seeking a relationship. 

For example, a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend on bad terms will obviously be reeling from a lot of pain. As such, it’s a natural reaction for girls in this situation to find a way to cope with their recent loss.

Seeking a relationship

There are those who’ll block out the emotional pain by distracting themselves with other thoughts or activities.

Some may choose to busy themselves with their work, while some will take up a new hobby.

But there are women who can’t stand the thought of being single and seek to fill in that vacuum in her life.

This is how a lot of girls recklessly jump into a new relationship without considering if her new guy is a right match for her or not.

When you begin a relationship with those kinds of reasons, you’re not really falling in love with him.

All you’re doing is simply patching up some hole in your life and don’t really care about the person you’re currently with.

The Relationship Hollow

It doesn’t take an expert to see that those reasons will only make the relationship hollow and without a real sense of intimacy. Instead of enjoying a healthy partnership with a man you truly love, what you have is an incomplete version of the real thing.

Speaking of incomplete, many women are driven to seek men out of the misconception that they are lacking something in themselves. When you believe that there is a part of you that’s missing, you will never be satisfied with yourself, nor in the relationships that you get into. 

When you act out of insecurity or neediness, not even all the men in the world can give the inner peace you seek. In other words, the fulfillment you want should come from a full life, and not from a relationship.

When you are ready for a relationship, a great place to start is with my friend Amy Waterman’s course, Seduction Genie

Being with a man is not going to magically solve all your problems or get rid of your emotional hang-ups. A relationship is not a be-all, end-all solution to feelings of emptiness. 

The only way to address those issues and attract men in the process is to show a genuine passion for being alive.

You need to inject yourself with an enthusiasm for life so that you alone are enough to make yourself a whole person. Honestly, men won’t like being used as just a crutch.

A man doesn’t want to be in a needy, soul-sucking relationship that compels him to fill in your emotional hollowness. Most of all, a relationship is not like a business deal where you barter what you have in exchange for something.

You’re not using each other to get something out of your partner.

When you seek a man because you’re on the rebound or want him to “complete” you, you’re defeating the real reason for being in a relationship.

The experience of sharing yourself with someone else allows you to grow as a person. Being with a man is a journey in self-discovery – it’s the best way to realize your ultimate potential for being good and bad.

There’s no other place you can uncover the depths of your soul and find out exactly what you’re made of. There’s no other place to stretch the limits of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual endurance. 

Simply put, a relationship gives you the opportunity to do good as well as learn more about yourself, your partner and each other. Looking at it this way will help you rise above the superficial reasons for being with someone.

These kinds of motivations will keep you from simply trying to get something out of another person. 

You should attract men because you seek to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship in the spiritual sense. It’s your chance to express who you really are AND contribute to someone else’s growth.

Therefore, ridding yourself of the mundane reasons for wanting to be in a relationship is the true path to happiness and enlightenment. When you share a union with a guy, the force that drives you to be with him should be uplifting and empowering – and NOT destructive.

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